Design Documents

Design documents serve as an agreed upon plan for the implementation of substantial changes and as a record of the design choices made. See section Change Proposal Process for the overview on the overall contribution process.

  • Creation: Design documents are created from the template doc/dev/design/TEMPLATE.rst.

    Once discussion on a change proposal converges and a design document is approved, it is inserted to section Active.

  • Implementation: Together with the implementation of the change, user manuals and any other documentation are updated.

    The design document is only updated if amendments to the described design are found to be necessary during this phase.

  • Completion and Freeze: Once all parts of the implementation are completed, the design document is marked as complete and the document moves to the section Completed.

    After this point, the design document is frozen as historical record and no longer updated. Later substantial changes undergo the entire process again, creating new design documents where appropriate.

  • Replacement: If the implementation has changed so much that a design document is no longer a useful reference for the current system, it moves to section Outdated.




See also

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